‘A Metabolic Challenge’ education tool redesign

‘A Metabolic Challenge’ education tool redesign

A project to update the look and feel of the educational CD-ROM “Biochemistry – A Metabolic Challenge” (used in teaching first year university students) for online teaching delivery. This redesign included both the overall interface layout (keeping curved header and footer) as well as all the supporting examples for each page/question.

This was quite a large project, consisting of about 10 topics overall as part of the CD-ROM, each topic having 3-6 modules, and each module having between 15 and 35 questions. The question examples consisted of either diagrams, Flash animations or data evaluation type of user interaction.

Question examples

The questions required various chemical structure illustrations, anatomical and cellular illustrations as well as interactive animations in Flash for use to support the theory discussed in each question. My role was to create these examples, which were then handed over to someone else for integration into the online delivery CMS program.

A ‘Drag & Drop’ icon was made to clarify to users/students whether any interaction was required for that particular question. Blue and grey tones were chosen for the design as cyan is the official brand colour for the Monash University’s Faculty of Medicine (under which this project was funded).


A range of illustrations were created using Illustrator and Photoshop, of things like cells and organs, using cyan and grey tones of the colour palette.

Role: Illustration, art direction, animation
Client: Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Monash University, Australia
Agency: Technology Services Group, Monash University, Australia