Arabella identity

Arabella identity

Arabella is a dance company specialising in bellydance and Zumba fitness. The client wanted a logo and identity which had a Middle Eastern style but also a modern edge to appeal to a more sophisticated, corporate clientele (preferably using provided photography from the launch night performance).


The final logo design was based on a sketch, a custom drawn font style with slight embellishments and curved, pointy lines. A purple and silver colour palette was chosen, drawing inspiration from the photographs provided.


The logo was designed with an oriental/bellydance style, so the rest of the design was kept really simple and modern to appeal to the corporate market. The colour palette was influenced by the photographs (black, purple, pink) with black as the base tone for a classy and modern finish, while the photographs themselves were clear and creative enough to convey Arabella’s services.

The flyers were printed at landscape DL size on uncoated stock for economy, with service and contact details on the back, using purple and grey colours taken from the logo. (I envisaged that in the future a silver spot colour could be used in place of the grey if budget would allow.)

White versions of the flyers were also made for wedding clients. These were a bit more embellished than the corporate flyers.


I built the original website in HTML and flash, but it was then updated in 2011 using a customised purchased WordPress template so that the client could easily update the content of the site herself.

22 December, 2011