British Airways typographic identity

British Airways typographic identity

British Airways wanted their suite of digital and print communications to look like one coherent global brand.



My role was to first look at tightening and unifying the typesetting across digital and print that had become disjointed across many business units. This then developed into visual typographic style exploration that used BA’s Mylius typeface as the centre point for all future creative output.

Four tiers of Mylius

We developed four tiers of effects for typography – Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Studio – that would cover all communication volumes (from large, crafted campaigns, to high-volume sales communications). Each tier would have different crafting levels – from 3D effects and complex retouching for Gold, to more simple masking for Bronze and simple typesetting-only for quick turnaround Studio work.

Typography exploration

Here I explored various type treatments and how type might interact with possible campaign imagery.

Other early explorations


The typographic work was developed into a Guardrails document to serve as a reference for all communications teams and unify the global brand. I created typesetting and layout templates for print and digital formats to be included (as well as the document itself).

I was also involved in the early visual development of the Take You There campaign, these are some of the explorations:


These were some of the initial campaigns that were developed using the new typographic approach and Guardrails.
Below is not my work but shows them in action.

Caribbean ‘Take You There’

Campaign for various Caribbean islands using evocative long-form copy.


Plug straight into Nashville

Interactive digital and print campaign for BA’s new and exclusive direct flight to Nashville, Tennessee

Shortlisted in the DMA Awards 2018 in travel and experiential categories.


Client: British Airways
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather | OgilvyOne
Role: Design | Typography | Retouching | Guideline & template creation
Guardrails art direction: Martha Riley
Carribean ‘Take You There’ art direction: Jamie Romain & Dan Shone | Andy Davis