Co-operative ‘Good Things’ map icons

Co-operative ‘Good Things’ map icons

Icon identity for Co-operative’s ‘Good Things’ community based initiatives across the UK, to be used online as pins on a map (and as part of a larger website design project).

Each initiative had to be represented by a pictorial icon, as well as 5 of the Co-operative businesses (Food, Bank, Pharmacy, Travel and Funeralcare).

Initiative areas:

  • Community Fund
  • Green Schools
  • Co-operative Enterprise Hub
  • Colleague’s Activity
  • Membership Stories


Initially I did 3 possible graphic treatments for the icons (based on tape, wire and folded paper) so they could be integrated into the skeuomorphic UI page design already in progress. The wire route was chosen which was further developed into the final icon shapes.

In the brief, each initiative was requested to be represented by a different colour but test designs felt too busy so the icons were linked together as a set through the use of one colour (dark blue). The Co-operative businesses were linked together as a separate set, through the icon shape (since each business had a brand colour that had to be used).

I also worked on some of the page layouts to integrate the icons into a map and filtering interface.

Pin design ideas fitted in with the skeumorphic 'pinboard' design of the website pages

Role: Illustration, art direction, design
Client: Co-operative
Agency: OgilvyOne