Change 4 Life ‘Smart Swap’ visual concepts

Change 4 Life ‘Smart Swap’ visual concepts

Design, art direction and some illustration for the Change 4 Life ‘Smart Swap’ campaign.

The brief was to use existing Department of Health / Change 4 Life visual identity but come up with a solution / layout which would convey the campaign’s concept of swapping sugary or fatty food with healthier options. The campaign also had a fun factoid about how the calories or weight saved in each swap equated to more relatable scenarios in real life.

The layouts had to unify many different illustrations and scenarios together, so I divided the layout into 3 parts: ‘If everyone in UK did your swap for the day’ (which would be the same on all illustrations and personalises the campaign) on the left, the ‘swap’ part that the campaign email focused on in the centre, and then the factoid on the right, with the illustration playfully interacting with the ‘swap’ product.

Where existing assets couldn’t be used, I illustrated them (eg. planes, pool, UK map). I tried a number of different colour combinations and backgrounds. The chosen route was on simple white background. Last example shows visual in-situ in the campaign email (desktop).

The illustrations were used in emails throughout the initial campaign.