Eyeconomy identity

Eyeconomy identity
Role: Design, art direction, illustration
Client: Eyeconomy
Agency: Mediacorp



Eyeconomy was a leading provider of online advertising solutions and sponsors of the NMA Awards. Their previous branding was very wacky and fun, the website featuring a desk with clickable areas for sections, and a multi-coloured tab navigation system. They wanted a new identity using puzzle piece theme.

Print materials

The direct and punchy phrase ‘Be Seen. Get Results’ was coined to embody Eyeconomy’s philosophy of offering solutions.

In the media packs and print materials, their services and products were clearly presented using visual examples, with benefits showcased with results their clients would look for. Testimonials were used because of Eyeconomy’s relationship based approach, and also to show real success stories.
The initial branding was set against a white background, which subsequently changed to a black one after the success of a dark exhibition stand design for the New York AdTech exhibition.


The site was structured in the same solutions-oriented way as the print branding. In order to give a professional edge over their competitors, flash examples of the products were built to show exactly how they work, as well as having a showcase header area on the home page with the ‘Be Seen. Get Results’ phrase, keeping the reflected, shiny look. Site development was done by Mediacorp’s inhouse developers. However, I built all the flash examples used on the site.

Exhibition stands

Exhibition stands for AdTech London (light) and AdTech New York (dark). The London stand was based on layout/structural concepts provided by another company specialising in exhibition stand construction (including two video screen panels). The design I did was for the background walls and I also made flash animations for the two screens. The NYC exhibition stand was made with the black branding which was deemed more appropriate for slicker New York clients. The stand was a simpler curved structure which was assembled at the venue. The focus was on products and Eyeconomy being ‘the gateway to Europe’.

(Sorry for the quality of the exhibition images… wasn’t me 😉 )