Leonard St. wordpress website

Leonard St. wordpress website

A website redesign for Leonard St., a fashion label from Melbourne, Australia.


The client wanted a clean and simple design, which would be developed into a custom WordPress template. The collections images had to be large, with individual items listed and ‘Buy Now’ buttons incorporated to link to the online store. Their seasonal collection editorial images had to be worked into the design also.


This was a quick, 2-day project. I used the 960 grid system and kept everything squared, taking inspiration from the logo (even down to the headings and breadcrumb separation being a full stop) to give it a strong, edgy look (with a typewriter-style font).

The design used mostly native WordPress elements, such as the lightbox feature, for simplicity and quick development (and budget).



Please note the website has changed since this version.

Role: WordPress design, art direction
Client: Leonard St.
Agency: Star Power
Melbourne, Australia