OgilvyOne email GIF animation

OgilvyOne email GIF animation

Animated GIF invite for a client Christmas event.


OgilvyOne wanted to create a simple animated GIF invitation for a bowling night with their clients, which could be attached to an email as there was no development time allocated. The invitation had to be Christmas themed (of course).


To keep it really fun and different, I had the idea of illustrating the account team as bowling pins which would be knocked over in the animation. I took photographs of two different facial expressions of each team member (smiling and surprised) for reference and used a simple illustration style (with slightly exaggerated facial features) so that the GIF animation would be clear and small in size.

To avoid the usual holly and snow decoration cliche of these types of invitations, I brought in the Christmas theme with the hats each of the characters were wearing.

Both the team and the clients loved it.

Role: Animation, illustration, art direction
Agency: OgilvyOne