OntheBox TV character

OntheBox TV character

A set of humorous characters for OntheBox.co.uk which were based on an old vector logo of a TV which they had previously used.

OnTheBox was a site that Mediacorp owned which was expanded into a TV content and editorial platform.

I’m a Celebrity…get me out of here!

One year OntheBox did an ongoing weekly review called ‘I’m a Celebrity (Reviewer) Get Me Out of Here’ for the TV show, so we appropriated the TV character to make it look as though it was a reviewer that had been kidnapped in the jungle and forced to do the editorial.

Rant and news

There was also a shouting character for the ‘Rant’ section and an old fashioned looking newspaper seller boy for ‘News’.


A set of 6 characters, each in various states of mood from dismal to extremely happy, were created for the star rating system.

Role: Illustration, art direction
Client: OnTheBox
Agency: Mediacorp