Seraphima logo & identity

Seraphima logo & identity

Brand identity for Seraphima London, an events collective that specialises in tribal fusion bellydance and other creative events. I’m also one of the founding members.

The feeling I wanted to convey in this branding exercise was ethereal, feminine, inviting and slightly dark.

The inspiration element was the 6 wings of the Seraphim angel, which was used subtly in the logo (adapted from the Futuracha typeface and has 6 diagonal and vertical ‘arms’ that stick out like wings), and also in the hexagon rose lockup. The rose lockups were developed into 3 height variations to allow use in various formats. The logo and rose lockups are designed to be used together as well as separately, and be overlaid over imagery.

For Seraphima’s first event, various materials were produced, from flyers, programme and letterheads (for official communications that overseas dancers used to get visas), to social media posts, email communications and website. I also made a stamp from the rose lockup for the night of the event.

The lockup unified the social posts leading up to the event date, which were made from the promotional photography sent by each dancer, and colour graded to match the more faded, ethereal, high-end photographic look for Seraphima.