Zurich HelpPoint touchscreen

Zurich HelpPoint touchscreen

Interface design for Zurich’s HelpPoint kiosk desks which are located at major airports including Heathrow.

The design had to be friendly and approachable, and give the impression of Zurich being a helpful and giving brand.

The HelpPoint kiosk was made to be a central hub for users to be able to check email, facebook and twitter, search the web, as well as a chance for Zurich to promote their services and case studies.

The screens had to incorporate a rotating video carousel, functional area (search etc), prominent links to social media and email, as well as forms to leave comments and guestbook entries, and to sign up to an email newsletter.

HelpPoint kiosk at Heathrow Airport
HelpPoint kiosk touchscreen at Heathrow Airport
Role: Design
Client: Zurich Insurance
Agency: OgilvyOne
Art Direction: Richard Pittham