Zurich website redesign and guidelines

Zurich website redesign and guidelines

A large project spanning 2 years to redesign Zurich Insurance’s local market (ie. country) websites in order to unify their look and feel.

The focus was made on retail product, rather than corporate information (as found on the .com site), with clearly defined user journeys (based on extensive UX research and planning) and logical ordering of information. One of the challenges was to try to create a set of modules which would allow for the difference in information requirements, and for the design to be able to work across sites that had both a lot or little content. Client wanted to use the circle backgrounds.

Local market adaptations

A comprehensive 90-page guideline document was also created, which included detailed build specs.

Role: Design, guideline creation & copywriting
Client: Zurich Insurance
Agency: OgilvyOne
Art direction: Richard Pittham