SMA Nutrition website redesign & digital identity

SMA Nutrition website redesign & digital identity

Overhaul of SMA website and digital identity focusing on Baby Club program acquisition, millennial consumers (including dads) and brand ‘premiumisation’.

The first ‘discovery stage’ involved a UX strategy based on 150 personas, creating a hybrid premium brand from the global Nestle web framework and existing SMA branding, and taking a mobile-first approach.

The content was completely rewritten based on insights about different ways female and male parents consume information (in-depth research versus quick immediate referencing).

The production stage involved an agile workflow between UX and design, built upon a modular component framework created in stages. All elements such as headings, icons and images had a system that allowed them to be fluidly used and scaled across all components and page grids. Colour palettes were evolved and all colour and text combinations thoroughly tested for accessibility. Diversity, authenticity and inclusivity was recommended in the photography direction, inspired by Getty’s ‘Lean In Collection’.


Developmental stage landing page

All content was completely modular and scalable across 4 breakpoints

Article page modules

Baby club page template links to partners'

Careline page template

Role: Art direction, lead design, illustration, photography direction & retouching
Project/UX lead: Omar Bakshi
UX: William Godfrey